Full Scale
Live Production

Depending on the needs of your live event, we will create a custom production package just for you. From a 25 camera shoot with a jib crane and live aerial footage to a production on a smaller scale, like one or two cameras, and some microphones,  small or large production, CPSN is your option!

Live Internet

As your event is taking place in real time, coverage is then broadcast live around the globe, using enterprise grade livestreaming networking technology. Whether you want your event viewed by a select private group or viewed by millions of people worldwide, CPSN has you covered.

On Location
Mobile Production

CPSN has full remote capabilities, allowing us to cover a variety of events throughout Pennsylvania. From sports, to corporate events, our mobile production unit has the broadcast tools needed to livestream any event.

Backup Recording

Here at CPSN we like to cover all our bases, which is why during each one of our live streaming events, we create a backup archive recording of your live event, in case something were to go awry during the live stream broadcast. Technology has a mind of it own sometimes, and it nice to know you are always covered.


In addition to our backup archive recording of your event, we also broadcast your live event to multiple web sources for redundancy. In the very rare occasion that your live broadcast does lose connectivity, we have multiple live sources all broadcasting your event at once, so you never miss a beat.

Various Streaming

What kind of device will your audience watch your live event on? Computer, smartphone, tablet or maybe even streaming internet television? Whichever the platform, our broadcasts are user compatible will virtually all current devices.