Live Sports

Broadcast your sport to fans around the world! From boxing to football, bike racing to car racing, whichever the sport, we’ve got your sports live streaming needs covered.

Live Concerts

Broadcast your concert live to fans around the globe! From the USA to Australia, the largest concert venues, to the smallest, we stream all types of concerts.

Live Weddings

Have family members that can’t attend your wedding?, or maybe you want the convenience of giving your guests a choice, whichever the case, let us broadcast your wedding on your big day!

Live Racing

Everyone loves a good race! Bike racing, car racing, boat racing, or maybe even drone racing! Whatever the type of race, we’ve got your live racing needs covered!

Live Corporate Shows

Live broadcast your corporate show to all of your employees! Town hall meetings, product unveilings, general sessions, trade shows, to name a few, CPSN broadcasts them all!

Live Custom Events

Have an event not listed? Or maybe you want something more exclusive? No worries, CPSN broadcasts all type of custom events. Contact us and we will put together a custom package for your custom event!

Live Graduations

Live broadcast your school or university’s graduation ceremony! Sometimes family and friends can’t make it out to graduations and having the option of broadcasting it live through CPSN allows them to participate in the celebration anywhere in the world!

Live Competitions

Whether you have a dance competition or even a cooking competition, we live broadcast all types of competitive events that otherwise would fall outside of the “sport” category.

Live Auctions

Capture the excitement from any type of live auction! Car auctions, charity auctions, home auctions, just to name a few. Want coverage of your auctions, let CPSN broadcast your auction live!